The Industry 4.0 plan favors the development of intelligent and connected products, to constitute partly physical and partly virtual systems, the Cyber ​​Physical Systems. Recently it is estimated that the ecosystem of suppliers offering the so-called Industry 4.0 solutions could reach approximately 420 billion euros in value by 2020. 80-100% of production plants could use these solutions by 2025 with potential economic impact of $ 900 to $ 23 trillion in annual cost savings.

In manufacturing there are all the prerequisites for disruptive innovation: for this purpose strong interdisciplinary partnerships are required between manufacturing companies and experts in the field of sensor technology, connectivity, industrial processes, information interpretation, embedded intelligent systems as well as the modeling of mechanical systems.

The DIGIMAN project fits perfectly into this scenario by proposing the development of a Cyber ​​Physical System that responds to market demands with a framework that embraces and completes the machine (Physical part) by coupling it with an Augmented Manufacturing Platform or AMP (Cyber ​​part). The platform interfaces with processes and machines through appropriate modules with a high engineering content (Engineering), formalizes the knowledge of operators and company experts and possesses learning skills.

The main objectives are the ability to improve, even in real-time, the quality of products and the ability to infer on the state of the process, machines and components by proposing intervention strategies (Virtual Operator). The partnership between MUSP, an expert in manufacturing processes, MIST-ER, an expert in IoT solutions and software and CNR-ISTEC, an expert in ceramic materials, is completed by the corporate partnership that sees machine and component manufacturers as well as users. 


Technical manager of the project:
Ing. Paolo Albertelli

Laboratorio MUSP
Strada Torre della Razza s.n.c. - 29122 Piacenza